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113% – The Increase in Average Revenues for College Hunks Franchise Owners from 2013 to 2017

Welcome to the College Hunks Franchise Broker Page. We set this page up to address the specific needs of the Franchise Brokerage and Consultant Community. This is a page for Franchise Brokers only.

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Why College Hunks is “the next big franchise brand.”

Joe Mathews, CEO of Franchise Performance Group, states all iconic franchise brands are built on a foundation of strong unit-level economics and rock-solid franchisee-franchisor relationships.

Unit Level Economics

Franchisees have experienced 113% growth in average revenues since 2013.

The average total gross profit margin was $449,970 in 2017 (demonstrated in 2018 Item 19 FPR).

Franchisee Relationships

college hunks strong growth infographic

College Hunks receives top marks each year from Franchise Business Review (FBR Survey) and have been awarded their coveted TOP 50 Award, for the best-in-class franchisee validation.

Meet our Franchisees:

ss-1Carl Carter
Jackson, Mississippi

“By becoming an owner of this franchise I can provide a service that my competitors aren’t capable of or willing to do. Plus, just the name itself is a conversation piece.”

Steven Roper
Raleigh, North Carolinass-2

“When you have an environment where people enjoy working, you build a great culture that gives a team a focus. Throughout my career I developed a lot of assistants who became store managers, and the chance to keep helping people get to a higher level was very appealing. My title is the ‘Director of WOW and Amaze,’ and if I WOW and amaze my Hunks, they WOW and amaze my clients.”

ss-3Gary Bussard
St. Louis, Missouri

“One of the things that sets us apart is our labor force. It’s professional. young, enthusiastic and trained. We are employing future leaders at College Hunks. It really sets us apart from our competitors.”

Why we are in the Franchise Broker and Consultant “Sweet Spot”

  • Can be run semi-absentee or full time.
  • Low entry cost business; ranges from $89,300 to $208,200, $150K average investment
  • High growth. 113% revenue growth since 2013.
  • Large, protected territories (population of 300,000-400,000)
  • Recession-resistant industry
  • Eco-friendly and green business practices
  • Top 50 Franchise Business Review (strong franchisee validation)
  • B2B and B2C component
  • Scalable business with multiple revenue streams
  • College Hunks is a “media darling,” receiving tens of millions of impressions on televisions and in print. Strong brand name recognition and pull demand in markets we currently do not service.
  • Local moving is a highly fragmented business. The brands you recognize (Atlas, Mayflower, etc) focus on high dollar interstate moves.
  • 75% of franchisees are multi-territory owners.

Ideal Franchise Candidates

  • Lower middle to upper management and executives. Can be full-time or semi-absentee.
  • Serial entrepreneurs looking for a high-growth opportunity. Again, can start College Hunks full time or launch with a GM.
  • Sales and marketing professionals who value our intelligent brand positioning and ability to generate PR.
  • Financial requirements: 50K liquid, 200K net worth.

College Hunks is a Business With a Heart

Cesar Larios became a "human bench" for Rita Young, a resident of a senior center in Florida. Cesar showed the world how College Hunks is much more than a leading moving and junk-hauling franchise.

Cesar Larios became a “human bench” for Rita Young, a resident of a senior center in Florida. Cesar showed the world how College Hunks is much more than a leading moving and junk-hauling franchise.

College Hunks’ mission is “Move the World.” We take a highly stressful event like moving, downsizing, or uncluttering and turn it into a positive experience. Please read the story about how one College Hunk moved the world by becoming a human chair for an elderly woman trapped in an elevator.

Cesar Larios’ kind act toward an elderly woman goes viral

Cesar Larios became a “human bench” for Rita Young, a resident of a senior center in Florida.

In spring 2014, Cesar was inside an elevator with Rita Young, a 79-year-old resident, when the elevator got stuck. Rita started to worry — she didn’t think she could stand long enough to be rescued. So Cesar dropped to his hands and knees to turn himself into a human bench.

A snapshot was put on Facebook and quickly went viral, warming hearts around the world, and picking up national media coverage on CNN in the process.


An orange bar graph titled “Average Sales Per Unit.” The five bars rise progressively and are labeled “2013 $442K | 2014 $481K | 2015 $730K | 2016 $784K | 2017 $946K.” The graph also has drawings of a moving truck and junk hauling truck and a black bar labeled “113% Sales Growth since 2013” over the words “Source: 2018 College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving Franchise Disclosure Document.”