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College Hunks Named Among Companies with Happiest Employees

Posted Mar 8th, 2018

The award celebrates our vibrant, results-oriented company and franchise culture

College Hunks ranks among the companies with the highest employee satisfaction, according to employee engagement company TINYpulse. We received the company’s “Happiest Award” in the Transportation & Logistics category, and we couldn’t be happier about it.

A badge that reads "2017 Happiest Award | TINYpulse | Transportation & Logistics"

TINYpulse describes the award as celebrating “The brightest and happiest employees around. These organizations score so high month-over-month on employee happiness, they can’t help but be called the happiest companies around.” In 2016, we also received their “Most Improved” Award.

“We are truly humbled, honored and grateful for this recognition,” says College Hunks President and Co-Founder Nick Friedman.

Company culture drives high employee satisfaction

Customers choose College Hunks because we go above and beyond the standards of our industry. We have a positive, vibrant and results-oriented culture at all levels of the company, from our corporate team to each franchise. And we listen to the needs of franchisees, because the business only works when it works for them.

“In this business we work hard, but we have a lot of fun,” says Atlanta-area franchisee Roger Panitch. Panitch’s business recently made the Inc. list of fastest-growing companies in America. “I’m on the Franchise Advisory Council, and we can help shape the ideas and direction of the brand. We’re the voice for the franchisee community and help everybody see the bigger picture.”

Two smiling College Hunks franchise employees shake hands with a smiling customer, as the customer’s wife and daughter stand off to the side.

Happy employees make for happy customers, which drives stronger results.

We’re dedicated to always raising the bar throughout our network. That’s why we support College Hunks franchise owners in numerous ways:

How a happy team builds your business

So if you’re exploring our junk hauling and moving franchise opportunity, why does this matter? How will this help you build a stronger business?

Put simply, the companies with the happiest employees are the companies with the happiest customers. Outstanding service is our bread and butter and the reason we stand out from our competition.

“Companies that keep employees happy aren’t just helping their workers—they’re helping themselves, since satisfied workers are more productive,” writes Jeff Kauflin in Forbes.

The level of service their teams provide lead to increased repeat and referral business for College Hunks franchise owners. It also bolsters their reputation in the market and drives strong sales growth.

“I borrow a line from Southwest Airlines: We don’t just take care of our customers; we take care of our employees, and our employees will take care of our customers. I’m a firm believer in that,” says Panitch. “I believe that has also benefited me.”

Learn more

If you’d like to find out more about why College Hunks is a company with some of the happiest employees and franchisees around, please fill out a form to download our franchise report and start a conversation. We look forward to answering your questions.

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