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How College Hunks franchisees help ‘Move the World’ to a better place

Posted Dec 11th, 2017

National and local charitable efforts help moving company franchise owners make a difference in the communities that have helped them succeed

One of the many benefits of entrepreneurship is how it can put you in a position to make a direct, positive impact in your community. At College Hunks Hauling Junk and Moving, that’s a core part of the culture at both our corporate headquarters and each individual junk hauling and moving company franchise.

College Hunks Co-Founder Nick Friedman speaks to employees before the start of a service event for Feeding Children Everywhere in celebration of the opening of our new headquarters in Tampa.

College Hunks Co-Founder Nick Friedman speaks to employees before the start of a service event for Feeding Children Everywhere in celebration of the opening of our new headquarters in Tampa.

Our junk hauling franchise’s mission to “Move the World” means more than excellent service that eases the stress for clients in a time of transition. It means more than a strong business opportunity that helps franchisees transform their lives through entrepreneurship. It also means giving back and helping make the world a better place.

“Our mission is part of being a purpose-driven, values-based, socially-conscious organization,” says College Hunks Co-Founder Nick Friedman. “That’s what it means to ‘Move the World.’”

‘Move the World,’ one neighborhood at a time

Our franchisees are also ready to step up at a moment’s notice when the people in our communities need help. Some powerful recent examples of the ways we can help come from our efforts to support disaster relief from the recent hurricanes Harvey, Irma and Maria. As a junk hauling and moving company, we’re uniquely equipped to help out as volunteers with disaster relief, and our franchisees were quick to spring into action.

We’re proud of the great things our franchisees and their teams do, so every Monday we feature a franchise team’s good works on our social media pages, with #MoveTheWorldMonday. Here are just a few of our recently featured franchise teams:

A collage of four photos. Clockwise from top left: A College Hunks team and members of a church pose in front of a junk hauling truck filled with donated bikes; College Hunks team members and other volunteers unload ice and water from the back of a truck; College Hunks franchisees pose with Family Advocate team members in front of a truck filled with diapers, baby wipes and other baby accessories; College Hunks team members load refuse into a large garbage bin with the caption “We’re Here to Help!”.

Clockwise from top left:

A moving company franchise that makes a difference

This spirit of service is near and dear to those of us at Brand Central, as well. We’ve partnered with an organization called Feeding Children Everywhere to volunteer at their Hunger Projects, the events the organization holds to feed the needy in their neighborhoods.

As a junk hauling and moving company franchise, we’ve got a fleet of versatile trucks that give us unique opportunities to help out. When we’re volunteering with Feeding Children Everywhere, we’re not hauling junk; we’re hauling food supplies and equipment to Hunger Projects around the country. And to celebrate the opening of our new headquarters, we helped pack more than 25,000 meals for families in the Tampa, FL, area.

These events are important, but we’re also dedicated to helping others in everything we do. Every junk removal or moving service completed means two meals for hungry kids, for an estimated 300,000 meals donated every year by College Hunks and our franchises. We also help create more environmentally friendly communities by repurposing, recycling or donating more than 70% of the items we collect for junk removal. That’s a huge boon to organizations like Goodwill, which receives many of those donations; in fact, our partnership goes so deep that a Goodwill organization in Virginia even bought its own College Hunks franchise.

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