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Who is Our Competition?

Moving and junk hauling industries are highly fragmented

Cartoon College Hunks moving and junk hauling trucks sit over the text "35.9 Million | The estimated number of Americans who move each year | Source: The American Moving & Storage Association"

Americans spend billions on moving and junk hauling every year. They also share thousands of horror stories every year about unprofessional movers or slipshod operations. Moving and junk hauling has a low cost of entry — basically, muscles and a truck — and that encourages a lot of people to try to start a junk hauling business without thinking through what it takes to consistently deliver great service.

We understand our competition. Heck, we were those guys for a while. When Omar Soliman and Nick Friedman started College Hunks Hauling Junk in the summer of 2003, the entire business consisted of a beat-up cargo van, some fliers and a few referrals. Still, demand was so great that the business made thousands of dollars that summer, which inspired Omar and Nick to think about what the business could look like if it was professionally operated.

Bundled services set us apart from others like 1-800-Got-Junk franchise, Two Men and a Truck franchise, and Junk King franchise

A graphic titled "Play on your Home Turf | Our trucks and staff stay close to home." The chart's x-axis is labeled "Long Distance Moving" and the y-axis "Local Moving." Three points sit on the chart; in order (descending along the y-axis and progressing along the x-axis): National Van Lines, Two Men and a Truck, and an image of College Hunks junk hauling and moving trucks. The bottom of the graphic reads "The College Hunks Hauling Junk & Moving Franchise Position in the Industry."

Thinking about starting a junk hauling business? Consider how you will position your brand to stand out from competitors.

Most of our competition still looks as polished as a beat-up cargo van. There are a few other franchises that have developed a more professional approach to moving and junk hauling, but they’re older than College Hunks and don’t have prime territories left that are available for a new franchisee. They also do not offer the bundled service of junk removal and moving like we do.

A graphic labeled "College Hunks Must Dress for Success | You only have one chance to make an amazing first impression." Below that is an image of a disheveled kid with a red circle and line through it; next to him, a well-dressed College Hunks employee. Below, the text "Image Is Everything: Who would your grandmother rather have into her home?"

Our brand is more than strong enough to compete. In many cities, we are rapidly growing our franchise near one of our older peers. The good news? We doubt the competition will hurt either one of us. The demand is gigantic, and the industry overall is still dominated by small, unprofessional outfits that have tiny slices of the market.

A College Hunks junk removal franchise mascot offers a high-five to a young child being held up by a smiling man.

College Hunks Hauling Junk wants to make the moving and junk-hauling industries better for customers. We want to reduce the stress of moving, or of junk removal, and replace it with fun and a sense of relief and relaxation. Our goal is to grow while professionalizing the industry.

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