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Want to help the environment? Open a College Hunks

Posted Mar 22nd, 2018

Our recycling franchise opportunities help us divert 70,000 tons from landfills every year. Open a College Hunks and help make a difference.

Everyone wants to leave the world better than they found it. What better way to do that than by opening a business that’s environmentally friendly? In addition to junk hauling and moving, College Hunks is essentially a recycling franchise opportunity, too. College Hunks franchise owners keep millions of pounds of potential waste out of landfills every year by helping useful “junk” find a new home, through recycling, donations and more.

Four College Hunks crew members load items, including a carpet, wicker chair and plastic bin into the back of a College Hunks truck parked in a driveway. A husband, wife and daughter watch from their front door.

Not everything we haul is really junk. Every year, College Hunks owners and their crews help recycle or find second homes for 70,000 tons of items.

How much junk does our recycling franchise rescue?

Across all of our locations in 2017, we handled 100,000 tons of junk. Another way of looking at it? That’s 200 million pounds.

With so much junk, you’d think we’re piling some landfills pretty high, but that’s the beauty of College Hunks: We recycle more than 70% of all the junk we handle. That’s better for the environment, and it’s better for your customers, who are happy to know we can find a home for something they no longer need.

Of course, numbers are easy to say but hard to picture. So what does 70,000 tons of recycling and donation measure up to?

An infographic titled “What Does 70,000 Tons Look Like?” on an orange banner. The body of the graphic features a cartoon image of junk hauling and moving trucks, with the text “49,296 Toyota Corollas | 2,000 Dump Trucks | 347 Boeing 747s | 311 Statues of Liberty”

The chance to help make the world a better place is part of what excited Annapolis, MD, franchisee John Bates about the brand. Before joining College Hunks, Bates worked at a competing junk hauler. When he joined College Hunks as an employee en route to opening his own franchise, he felt the company’s commitment to recycling and donations was a real difference-maker.

“At the competitor, we were pretty much throwing everything away, so it was pretty different for me to come over to College Hunks, where we were trying to find a second home for items, trying to recycle or donate them rather than having them just end up in the landfill,” he says.

One person’s junk is another’s treasure

It’s not just that we keep things out of the landfill; we help those items end up in good homes. We have a national partnership with Goodwill and donate more than 10 million pounds of goods to the organization each year, at an estimated value of $750,000 in in-kind retail donations.

In fact, our relationship with Goodwill is so strong that one branch owns a College Hunks franchise in Fredericksburg, VA. We have a mutually beneficial referral relationship with Goodwill organizations, which drives business to franchise owners and donations to Goodwill.

College Hunks owners are community leaders

Recycling is a major part of how franchisees become community leaders, but it’s far from the only way they do it. Junk hauling and moving company franchise owners are uniquely equipped to give back to their communities by helping haul donations and supplies, and even by helping with disaster relief clean-up.

We’re proud of the ways College Hunks franchisees live out our mission to “Move the World,” and we celebrate them every week with #MoveTheWorldMonday on our social media. The ability to make an impact on our communities is one of the great joys of business ownership, and it’s a core part of our values as a company and at each franchise location.

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