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Our Comprehensive Franchise Training and Ongoing Support

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® features comprehensive franchise training, ongoing support, and more so your business is set up for success and growth.

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Our Comprehensive Franchise Training and Ongoing Support

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Setting Our Franchise Partners Up for Success

College HUNKS Hauling Junk & Moving® has built our company from a small operation to a nationwide brand. In the time it’s taken us to grow and expand, we’ve garnered many industry experiences and advantages that we, in turn, share with our franchise partners to set them up for success. 

We’ve built these experiences and advantages into our business systems and our franchise training and support. You’ll find them in our comprehensive training, extensive resources, marketing support, and employee advancement programs. Each of our franchise partner resources is designed with you, your business, and your future growth in mind.

From day one, College HUNKS is on your side because when you’re successful, we’re successful.


Comprehensive Training

After signing your franchise agreement and completing the preopening checklist, you’ll head off to our corporate headquarters in Tampa, Florida, to attend the College HUNKS comprehensive training program. In our seven-day program, you’ll learn all about our arsenal of systems and resources designed to help you open and run your business. 

During training, you’ll learn the key skills you’ll need as a franchise partner, including:

  • Operating your business effectively
  • Creating a fun work environment
  • Constructing employees into leaders
  • Winning over customers
  • Making money

When you return to your business location after our comprehensive training program, you’ll be joined by our performance team. The team will spend three days providing on-site training at a high-performing franchise location near you.

Industry-Leading Resources

College HUNKS provides an extensive offering of industry-leading resources for our franchise partners. Our goal is to give you the best chance at success, and through our resources, we’re able to assist in all areas of your business.

The extensive franchisee training and support resources we’ve developed are based on our experience and knowledge of the moving and junk removal industry and include:

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Franchise partners receive a variety of manuals designed to build a strong team and business. You can look forward to procuring our operations manual, new hire checklist, online resources via our online knowledge library, webinars, and more. These manuals cover a wide range of topics and training sessions to help franchise partners and their teams provide superior customer service. By hosting our manuals online, College HUNKS is able to provide continually updated information for managing human resources, marketing, and operations.


Internal Social Media Platform

The College HUNKS interactive internal social media platform allows franchise partners to communicate with one another, share ideas, and solve issues. Our online internal communication is ideal for collaborating and answering questions and is designed to feel familiar to anyone who uses social media.

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Performance Team

College HUNKS franchise partners are in good hands with our performance team! Our performance team is dedicated to the success of our franchise partners and provides best-in-class training, a 150-point checklist, and weekly calls.



Hunkware is our proprietary, tech-enabling software designed to greatly benefit our franchise partners. Exclusive to College HUNKS, this software makes the lives of our franchise partners and their customers easier than ever. With Hunkware, franchise partners can focus on the day-to-day operations. Hunkware handles the booking, scheduling, and billing of jobs. It works in the office as well as in the field and can produce a multitude of reports to measure business performance. 

This technology is a great asset to College HUNKS franchise partners because it makes booking jobs and staying up to date with job details and changes easier than ever before. We continue to identify opportunities to improve the customer experience and fulfill our legacy as an innovative moving and junk hauling company.

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Award-Winning Website

Customers are able to easily find College HUNKS when searching for our services online with our award-winning website. On our website, customers can be connected with and book the services they need, learn more information about our brand, and see why we’re the best choice for them. 

Combining our strong call center operation with our great website is a big deal for franchise partners. When starting your business, customers will want to learn more about you and the brand. A sophisticated, professional website is a key factor in helping franchise partners generate sales leads and close deals, all while making their business easier to run and continuing to develop our strong national brand.

Moving Resources

Moving Resources

We have many resources for our franchise partners, but we can’t forget about our customers! Our professional moving resources center provides customers with the answers they need, builds customer trust, and generates sales by being an all-in-one reservoir. This all-encompassing center offers practical advice on the pros and cons of self-moving, how to hire a professional, moving checklists, and so much more.

Ongoing Support

We want to help our College HUNKS franchise partners build the skills they need to become successful business owners themselves so they can pass their knowledge on to the next generation of owners. In addition to our business coaching services, we provide well-rounded ongoing franchisee support. 

We’ve structured our business model and franchise opportunity to allow you the best chance to succeed, but we also recognize that there are areas that our franchise partners might need assistance with. We’re in this together because, after all, our success is dependent on your success, and together we can achieve great success.

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Business Coaching

Our business coaching and support are designed to help our franchise partners make the best use of the advantages we’ve built into our advanced systems and can help to improve operations and profitability. We know our comprehensive training program is a lot to learn all at once, so we added business coaching as a resource to help franchise partners: operate their business effectively, build a fun workplace, grow employees into leaders, win customers, and make money. Franchise partners can look forward to monthly coaching calls, field visits, and momentum groups to give you a chance to learn from your fellow franchise partners.

Sales and Loyalty Center

More than just simply a call center, the College HUNKS sales and loyalty center is our way to deliver assistance to our franchise partners. Our sales and loyalty center fields calls from customers nationwide seven days a week and schedules jobs for our franchise partners and their teams. With our custom online scheduling tool, you can also block out times when you are not available. The tool enables the call center and franchise partners to work together to serve customers and maximize revenues.

Franchise partners don’t have to worry about fielding a constant stream of calls from potential customers seeking estimates or missing a potential job because they were serving a customer. Our call center professionals utilize decades of telephone sales experience to build rapport with customers and book jobs on behalf of our franchise partners based on their location. Our franchise partners appreciate that the call center saves time and money by eliminating the need to staff phones while helping build a national brand with effective marketing.


College HUNKS franchise partners have many valuable resources at their disposal. One of the greatest guides you’ll receive as part of our many advanced systems is our Truckonomics guide. Truckonomics helps franchise partners gauge their business performance in terms of moving and junk hauling opportunities. It’s a valuable tool for determining the right time to add another truck to your fleet or expand with an additional location, among many other applications.

Wraping Items

Marketing Support

These strategies in our marketing plans show franchise partners how to find customers, make it easy for customers to find you, networking and business referral tips, and ways to grow the brand in your market. Our detailed marketing playbook introduces franchise partners to our tried-and-tested, data-backed marketing strategies to network with other business professionals, further build the brand in your market, and supply budget projections for more extensive marketing campaigns. 

For example, we can provide franchise partners with budget projections that give you an idea of what effectively marketing your business will look like, broken down into categories. To find customers, we can recommend strategies like search advertising, online directories, paid leads, and more. Each of these techniques can be further broken down into smaller categories with specific suggestions. 

The College HUNKS brand is strong and supported by an exceptional marketing plan. Our name sticks with our customers, our brightly colored trucks are impossible to miss, and our professional uniforms cultivate a culture of teamwork. 

More than 70% of our customers said that our name played a major role in their decision to choose the College HUNKS brand over the competition. Our trucks elicit smiles, double-takes, and cheers, and our friendly, trustworthy employees are so well-liked that children have been known to ask them for autographs.

None of the techniques we use are especially difficult if you have a plan to follow. Our sophisticated, detailed, and proven marketing plans matter greatly and are what makes our brand excel.

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Moving Big Items

Employee Advancement

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